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Many Happy Hearts

Many Happy Heart's Team of Volunteers 

Our volunteers are highly dedicated, professional, members of our community. 


Janet and Jose are the Founders of  Many Happy Hearts.  They are passionate about supporting others in need, paying it forward, humbly assisting to the needs of the homeless children at the Chapman Partnership and the Medical Pediatric Clinic at the Miami Rescue Mission.




 David Santigo 

Jose M. Garcia 

Julio Cesar de la Guardia


2005- Present 


David , Jose and  Julio  have  been serving Many Happy Hearts since 2005 , unselfishly giving their time to support the less fortunate children in our community.


Janette Vidal and Victor Sejas


Volunteers - 2014 - Present 


Janette and Victor have been contributing to Many Happy Hearts in many ways, from sponsorships, serving meals, and volunteering monthly at the Birthday Celebrations.  You will see Janette and Victor at all our fund-raisers as well as giving back in so many ways.  



Margot Chomat 


Volunteer - 2007 - Present


Margot has been a loyal and steadfast volunteer of Many Happy Hearts from assisting, picking up and delivering donations, books and toys to Chapman Partnership, to an ever-present face at the monthly meal service as well as the birthday celebrations.  She has also volunteered each year for the past 8 years assisting in our Golf Tournaments.  


Margot's passions - fundraising and real estate 


Darlene Medina 

Dominique Medina 

Stephanie Valverde



January 2018 - Present 



Darlene , Dominique and Stephanie have completed numerous  volunteer efforts , and have dedicated their time to  participate in our monthly Birthday Celebrations and meal services, they are committed to make a difference , one homeless child at a time.















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